A 10% shift to shopping local creates big impact

A 10% shift to local would support 729 local jobs.

A 10% shift to local would contribute $30.9 million in labour income.

A 10% shift to local puts 2.6x more back into the community compared to multinational firms.

A 10% shift to local could increase GDP by $79 million.

Every $100 spent locally creates an additional $36 in economic value.

Ways you can shift 10% of your spending to local:

  • Dine local – with many people now working from home, weekdays are slow. Consider dining out at lunch or through the week.
  • Live local by taking in local experiences and staycations.
  • Eat local by buying fresh and seasonal food from farmers, farmers’ markets, corner stores, butchers and bakeries.
  • Pamper yourself at one of our fantastic locally owned and operated spas.
  • Get active by visiting locally owned and operated gyms and fitness companies.
  • When giving, consider giving to local charitable organizations and not-for-profits that support and give back to our community.
  • When renovating your home, choose locally owned and operated companies and contractors.
  • Fill your prescription at locally owned and operated pharmacies.
  • Buy local products from local artisans.
  • Purchase gift cards from locally owned and operated businesses for gifts or to use at a later date.
  • When shopping online, choose the local pick-up option rather than delivery. This small change keeps locals employed.
  • Shop at locally owned and operated retailers first.
  • As business owners, support and buy from other locally owned and operated businesses.
  • As government agencies and public institutions, consider shifting 10% of procurement to locally owned and operated.

Make the 10% shift to local today!