About Us

Mission Statement

Act as the voice of business in Moose Jaw on matters affecting its membership and concerning economic climate and directly related social well being of Moose Jaw and trading area.

Vision Statement

The Moose Jaw and District Chamber of Commerce will be the business organization where the Moose Jaw business community speaks with one voice. We are a volunteer organization who understands and has served the Moose Jaw business community since 1888/1889. Our strength is the diversity and talents of our membership. We are the business organization which is the self image of the Moose Jaw business community. 

Our core values are economic, ethical, and social responsibility in the further development of the commercial and economic potential of Moose Jaw and region. Our industry is community economic development and our role is to promote and foster condition towards building a solid business climate in Moose Jaw and region. Governmental policies based on sound economic principals will receive our support, but we acknowledge the legislators must choose the best course for our city, region, and province. However, we will vigorously oppose those policies and programs detrimental to our membership and Moose Jaw business community.

President's Message

It gives me the greatest pleasure and honor to be the 2021-2022 President of the Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce.

On behalf of the Chamber, I would like to thank Kylie Sonmor, last year’s board for the leadership and direction and all the prior boards who have helped to lay a solid foundation.

I would like to thank Rob and Heather for the amazing job they have been doing in showing support for the local businesses and making the boards job a lot easier with their creativity and drive to make a difference. Our membership roster of over 520 and the respect given by other chambers across the province, speaks to the difference being made and the value local businesses place on this chamber and what it does.

22 years ago, my family and I sold one of our companies and moved back to Saskatchewan from Kelowna. I have to say even though we knew in our hearts it was the right move, my mind and fingers didn’t always agree. I reflect on a number of times during a -45 degree winter day when I asked what have I done.

It became evident very quickly what we had done. We had moved to a small Saskatchewan city that was becoming ever more forward thinking and a place to raise a family amongst those with a true stick it out prairie attitude. We love Moose Jaw and what it stands for. You have embraced our family as part of you and I assure you we will work to make a positive difference so that those who come behind us will also have a home they can be proud of and can build upon.

Running a successful business is an ever-changing journey. Our rapidly changing social and global dynamic forces us to remain flexible and ready to make the necessary moves to take us to the next level. I’ve always believed there is no such thing as a plateau, and we are either climbing forward or slipping backwards. No one ever said the climb would be easy, but the views are spectacular. It is a great feeling to know that even though we are indeed operating our individual companies we are still part of a team who depends on each other to keep going.

The need for a strong local support base for business has never been more evident than what we as a community and global family have experienced over the last 18 months.

Such support and resource became a cornerstone for local businesses thanks to the creativity and team approach of Rob, Heather and many local businesses in their willingness to take the time to work together in creating solutions, as seen in the early morning ZOOM meetings attended by many and the outreach of the meal delivery program where businesses and partners stepped up to make a difference in the lives of our neighbours who were needing a hand up in their world.

The Chamber is a very important cog in the wheel of local businesses, and thus, the families of Moose Jaw and surrounding area. It provides access to web design, social media ideas financial and merchant services and Its business linked group plan is something every business should at least consider. It is a resource for those seeking guidance and insight while also providing a sounding board for those with concerns and ideas. Rob especially loves the calls with concerns and ideas.

As we move into this next exciting chapter of the Chamber, and community, I look forward to working with the entire Chamber board as we embrace what the future holds and work to build upon the solid foundation already in place.

Thank you and let’s press forward together.

Aaron Ruston, President 

Board of Directors

President:   Aaron Ruston – Purposed Financial
Vice-President: Ryan Hrechka – Grayson & Co.
Secretary/Treasurer:  Don Howe – Tim Hortons
Past President:  Kylie Sonmor – RBC



  • Dayna Chamberlain – Jones-Parkview Funeral Services
  •  Doug Young – Minute Muffler Brake & Wheel
  • Geoff Anderson – Moose Jaw Co-op Association
  • James Benn – Apex Electric Ltd.
  • Jeff Fox – Moose Jaw Co-op
  • Kyle Favel – Favel Transportation
  • Marta Woodrow – Conexus Credit Union
  • Michael Biette – TaxTeam
  • Sam Morrison – Prairie South School Division
  • Scott Greenough – CAE Inc.
  • Shelly Dahlman – CIBC
  • Todd McIntyre – McIntyre Ranch


  • L. Col Tipper – 15 Wing Moose Jaw
  • Kristen Craig – Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Mayor  – City of Moose Jaw