About Us

Mission Statement

Act as the voice of business in Moose Jaw on matters affecting its membership and concerning economic climate and directly related social well being of Moose Jaw and trading area.

Vision Statement

The Moose Jaw and District Chamber of Commerce will be the business organization where the Moose Jaw business community speaks with one voice. We are a volunteer organization who understands and has served the Moose Jaw business community since 1888/1889. Our strength is the diversity and talents of our membership. We are the business organization which is the self image of the Moose Jaw business community. 

Our core values are economic, ethical, and social responsibility in the further development of the commercial and economic potential of Moose Jaw and region. Our industry is community economic development and our role is to promote and foster condition towards building a solid business climate in Moose Jaw and region. Governmental policies based on sound economic principals will receive our support, but we acknowledge the legislators must choose the best course for our city, region, and province. However, we will vigorously oppose those policies and programs detrimental to our membership and Moose Jaw business community.

President's Message

It is my pleasure and honour to become the 2023-2024 Board President of the Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce.

On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to express our sincere thanks to Ryan Hrechka for the leadership and direction. 

Moose Jaw has a rich history, but today, we gather here to look towards the future. Our community has always been known for its resilience, and now it’s time for us to channel that resilience into ensuring a prosperous future for Moose Jaw.

We have a beautiful city, a strong sense of community, and a workforce that is eager to contribute. We also have a strategic location, nestled in the heart of Saskatchewan, which positions us well for economic growth. These assets are our foundation, and we must build upon them.

To spur economic growth, we must focus on attracting new businesses to our city. This means creating an environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship and investment.

But attracting new businesses is only part of the equation. We must also nurture the growth of our existing businesses. Supporting our local entrepreneurs and helping them expand not only creates jobs but also strengthens our community. We can do this by offering resources and programs, as well as advocating for our members.

I look forward to the year ahead as Board President and working closely with Staff and Board Directors to continue to be the voice of industry and commerce for our community.

Don Howe, Board President 

Board of Directors

President:  Don Howe – Tim Hortons
Vice-President: Michael Biette – TaxTeam
Secretary/Treasurer: Doug Young – Minute Muffler Brake & Wheel
Past President: Ryan Hrechka – Grayson & Co



  • Aaron Ruston – Purposed Financial
  • Devonne LaLonde – Farm Credit Canada
  • Elyce Simpson Fraser – Simpson Seeds Inc.
  • Jasmine Cameron – Hillcrest Golf Course
  • Kyle Favel – Favel Transportation
  • Marta Woodrow – DevPro Software Consulting
  • Megan Patterson – Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Melissa MacLean – JGL
  • Scott Greenough – CAE Inc.
  • Sharla Sept – Hunger in Moose Jaw
  • Shelly Dahlman – CIBC
  • Yeng Ling – Moose Jaw Tours & Travel


  • L. Col Tipper – 15 Wing Moose Jaw
  • Kristen Craig – Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Mayor  – City of Moose Jaw