Moose Jaw Business Excellence Awards


Awarded to a young entrepreneur (age 35 or under on December 31, 2019) who has established or expanded a business on or before December 31, 2019. The young entrepreneur will have demonstrated signs of success and viability in the venture. Judging will take into account relative size of business.

Include the following information (minimum 500 words):
  • Please explain what your business is
  • How have you demonstrated creative approaches, willingness to take risks, engaged others, faced ambiguity with enthusiasm, lead others to new achievements
  • Achievements in overcoming barriers such as financial, time constraints, location, support…
  • Strengths of the new business
  • Examples include: Innovative and new business ventures, investments and capital assets, overcoming barriers, signs of success and viability; letters of support.

An anonymous MJBEX Awards Jury will review all nominees and select one winner of each category. Any information you provide will remain confidential.