Moose Jaw Business Excellence Awards


To be awarded to the business that demonstrates exceptional performance in its support of recreation, amateur sports, arts and culture, charitable or non-profit volunteer groups. Judging will take into account relative size of business.

Include the following information (minimum 500 words):
  • Description of business’ involvement within the following areas: Arts andCulture, Recreation and Armature Sport; Volunteer and Charitable groups.
  • List of contributions the business provided to the community. Include information on volunteer involvement, donation/dollars spent on community activities, additional goods and services provided to the community over the past year.
  • Lasting financial, social and public relations impact on the community and on your business.
  • A minimum of one support letter from community individual, organization, or program which you partnered with.
  • Examples include: granting programs, special events, fundraising opportunities, volunteer hours.

An anonymous MJBEX Awards Jury will review all nominees and select one winner of each category. Any information you provide will remain confidential.